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The Perfect Winter Companion

December 9, 2019 1pmSara Spector

It's December. I'm sitting in my living room, properly dressed in my leggings, fuzzy slippers and over-sized sweater. The rain has been falling off-and-on for the last 24 hours, and the fog has been rolling in. Did I mention I'm in Arizona???

We desert-dwellers are not quite used to this display of winter weather so when it comes, we pull out all of the wintery items...boots, fires in the fireplace, hot soups. We enjoy them because we know that it may very well be 80 degrees tomorrow (am I right???).

One of my favorite ways to stay warm in this brisk 58 degree weather is a steaming cup of London Fog Tea. It's hot, flavorful and a great comfort on these cold(ish) days. Of course you can order one from your favorite coffee shop and pay $4, or you can just make it at home. With the weather as crazy as it is (did I mention FOG???) I thought this recipe would be a nice way to welcome the winter weather. It's one of my favorites!

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to curl up with my tea and watch Season 2 of The Crown.

Yours in Motherhood,


London Fog Tea

The ingredients are super simple. You just need:

an earl grey tea bag (or two)

milk (any kind will work)

Natural sweetener of your chose (I use honey)

vanilla extract

dash of cinnamon

To make a london fog latte recipe, simply brew a cup of strong earl grey tea (along with a pinch of lavender if you have it). Then strain the tea, and combine it with some steamed milk, and stir in your desired amount of honey and a dash of vanilla and cinnamon. To be extra-fancy, use a milk-frother or pop into a blender and blend for 10-15 seconds. Just like that, a warm, comforting, delicious London Fog drink is yours to enjoy.