5 Types of Mom Friends You Need In Your Life

April 22, 2021 12amShelly Hopper

When it comes to moms, like bodies, no two are the same, and when it comes to motherhood, moms need other mamas.

We all have the friend who lift us up when we're feeling down, the friend that will bring us chocolate when we're PMSing, or the friend who is always down for an adventure to get us out of the house - even if it's just a trip to Target.

When it comes to mom friends, we need all the personality types to survive the beautiful chaos that is motherhood. With that, here are 5 types of specific mom friends everyone needs in their lives...

1. The mom who’s always down to go on adventures or is always in-the-know about local events and happenings

This type of mama gets you out of the house, into nature, and gets you and your kids out of their bubble. Whether she’s down for a co-trip to Target with 4 toddlers in tow when that would be someone else’s nightmare, your wingman on a hike or road-trip, even if it means kids are screaming in the car or throwing things at one another, is down to try a new workout class near you, encouraging you to go to a local mama meet up, where she gets you to chat with other women and moms to grow your social circle and support network, or has your local town’s calendar of events uploaded into her Gmail calendar, ready for car-shows, Monster Truck, kid’s concerts, park celebrations, or character meet-n-greets happening near you, this mom is good for your social life, your Instagram feed, and your soul.

2. The mom who has anxiety or has experienced a loss.

This type of mom feels like home to you (or a therapist). She can openly and honestly relate to raw feelings and any hardships you may be going through or may face in the future; she ALWAYS knows just what to say to make you feel better, giving you a pep-talk and getting a pep back into your step. This mama sympathizes with you when other people may feel like you’re over-reacting, acting like a helicopter parent, or just need to “get over it.” She is kind, she is a good listener, and she most likely can relate to what you’re going through. She gets you, and just “gets it.” She is always there, showing up - in person or via phone calls - when you need TLC, support, or a shoulder to cry on.

3. The mom who’s Suzy Homemaker; she’ll bring you a casserole or watch your kids

This type of mom makes you feel safe, secure, and feels like family. She is always there when you need a favor, never making you feel guilty about asking for help. In fact, it’s the opposite, because she knows what you need before you ask, and just does it. Have to stay late for a work meeting and can’t make it to school or day-care before it closes? She’s on it, picking up your kids as if they’re her own. And, she takes it one step further - after that late work meeting followed by siting in traffic for 30 minutes, she’s already fed your kids and helped them with their homework before you even get there. She knows when you need a date-night, offering to babysit, or knows when you’ve experienced heartbreak or loss or a long week of work, and Venmo's you money to buy a Starbucks, drops flowers off on your porch, or she brings you a homemade meal. She shows up. She calls instead of texts. She sits with you on your couch when you need a good cry, or comes over just to help with laundry and empty your dishwasher. She is a gem, and you need to remember to thank her, always.

4. The mom who’s always down for happy hour

This type of mom is your go-to when you had a hard day at work, have something to celebrate, or need a break from your kids for a momcation. She loves margaritas, so she knows all the best spots in town to grab a drink, especially where they’re half off on every other Wednesday from 3-5pm. She knows the best spots to go line-dancing, when to find cheap flights to get out of town, and where has the best ice cream flavors. She is a good mom, but knows how to have fun, how to lift your spirits (literally), and she is someone who makes your stomach hurt from laughing so much.

5. The mom who’s a nurse or a doctor

This type of mama always has your back at 2am when you’re freaking out about a fever or a rash, calming you down when it’s okay, and encouraging you to call your doctor when it may be something more. She is a sense of calm in this crazy world because she’s a practicing, licensed health professional. She will check out your daughter’s sprained wrist from gymnastics, she will ask how long a temperature has been present, and she will hug you when you’re sad and getting over the flu and no one else wants to touch you because your house was just the plague zone. She is a God-send, an angel, works for free outside of work giving all her friend’s medical advice, and deserves 21398 thank yous.

What type of mom friends do YOU need in your life? Do you have these types of mothers in your friend community? What would your list of 5 types of mamas be?