5 Mama-Recommended Ways to Drink More Water

Jessica Maurer

From the little ones' feet hitting the ground to your head hitting the pillow, do you consume only coffee and wine? Because...I feel like that on most days.

We all know that hydration is important to your health; While we think we are drinking enough water, most of the time we aren't. If you are dehydrated, your energy levels drop, your skin suffers, and your motivation to move can lack. So how can you ensure you are drinking enough water? While chatting with other mamas during our Grand Opening Celebration, we began sharing our tips for staying hydrated, so here are 5 mama-recommended ways to drink more water.

1. Drink One For One

Go one for one. Drink a cup of coffee and then a glass of water. Drink a glass of wine and then a glass of water. Alternate to make sure you are staying hydrated, lessening your consumption of other beverages, and improving your overall wellness while still enjoying the drinks you love.

2. Find Your Glass

It sounds strange, but you will drink more water if you like the container you're drinking from. So find the water bottle, cup, or jar that you WANT to use to drink. Once you find that container, buy a lot of them! Store them in your kitchen, car, gym bag, stroller, etc.

3. Drink in the Morning

Make it a morning habit. Lemon infused water is a great way to revitalize your system after sleeping. When you wake up, before you drink your coffee or eat breakfast, drink a glass of lemon water.

4. Add Natural Flavor

Don't stop at lemons. Fruit and water go together like...peanut butter and jelly! Everyone gets tired of drinking unflavored plain water, so spice yours up by adding a few chunks of kiwi, an orange slice, or cucumbers. If you have fruit that is starting to go bad, chop it up and add it to your water bottle.

5. Water Before Food

Before you eat, drink. Make sure you drink 8 oz of water before you eat a snack or a meal. Craving sweets? Drink your 8 oz. of water first and then decide if you want that treat.